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What Do You Get with the Digital Ad Program?

Over 100,000 Shared Digital Ads/Month

Working and sharing costs with other local businesses is a great idea!

We've designed our Digital Ad Package so that targeted digital ads are displayed when people in our local area surf the net.

We are interested in promoting your local businesses to people in our local area who want YOUR services!

A Local Business Information Centre

When readers see your digital ads appearing on their computers, phones, and tablets, they simply click on the ad, and are taken to the Local Business Information Centre that we have intentionally set up for local businesses who are involved in our Digital Advertising Package.

Once a reader clicks on YOUR Business on the page, they are taken wherever you would like them directed. (ie: Your Website, Facebook, etc.) Additionally, on this same landing page, you have the opportunity to tell people about specials you may have, or simply the reasons why they should consider you when they make purchases.

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