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The Four things you have control over when you do local advertising …

1.) You decide which media you are going to use.

2.) You get to choose what you say in your ad.

3.) You decide how consistent you are going to make your advertising.

4.) You make sure your advertising investment fits your budget.

One other thing that is critical! ….

Even if you follow the four steps above, you need to know with a certainty that you have the PROPER distribution of you advertising. Guidecraft Print and Media takes care of this for you to make sure you get the desired results!

When you use Guidecraft Print and Media
for your advertising, you get:


Local Publication Ads (Hard copy & Online)

Your ad in the Freddy Plus Publication is distributed in Major retail outlets in the Greater Fredericton and Oromocto areas and surrounding communities. Freddy is distributed in the major Grocery stores, Pharmacies, Hardware stores, NB liquor stores, the Hospital, in Restaurants and many other local businesses.

The Freddy Plus Publication is also available online.

We have a Free Online Subscription for readers.

Freddy Plus is on Facebook.

Your logo is also placed on the Freddy Plus website, and you get a direct link to a URL of your choice. (eg: your Website, Facebook, Instagram, etc…)

Direct Mailing to Homes using Canada Post
Thousands of copies of Freddy are delivered to homes in outlying communities via Canada Post. Also mailed to hundreds of businesses in the Greater Fredericton and Oromocto areas. (PS: If you think print advertising is dead, you should read this!)

Digital Display Ad Program
Display advertising includes visual advertisements, usually on the sides or top of a web page that have some type of call to action. Display ads appear on various local sites. We use Geo-Targeting, advertising to our local area by postal codes and/or geographical area.

Freddy Lite in Local Restaurants and Businesses
Freddy Lite is an effective and affordable way to consistently stay in front of your local market.
1000’s of copies are being read in local restaurants and businesses all throughout the month ….
No matter what form of advertising you use, Freddy Lite is a great add-on to any advertising program!
It’s a perfect way to drive people to your online or social media promotions.
Using contests in this publication, we direct readers to look even closer at what you have to offer, making your ads even more effective! More information on Freddy Lite available here.


If you'd like more information about what we have to offer you, please feel free to use our

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