Skidwood Breadslicer

I thought I’d share this little invention with you!

It’s made from old pallet wood (skids) which were sanded down and glued together.

I drilled dowel holes to allow just the width of a knife between the dowels, and glued the dowels into the holes.

Your knife slides in between the dowels, as you ‘feed’ the bread through. There are two holes just to the right of the dowels, which hold another couple of dowels to give you ‘stops’ so that each slice is the same thickness.

There are four blobs of hot glue on the underside in each of the corners, so that the slicer doesn’t drift around the table as you are using it.

The printing on the wood was done by reverse-imaging the text you see in the picture, and printing it onto regular white paper;  then ironing it onto the wood (It’s gotta be a laser printer that you use)!

Works like a charm!